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Founder & Trainer at Aquarecovery

Why Aquarecovery?

For the better part of my entire life I have been engaged in sports, physical training or engaged in business revolving fitness and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

I have participated & instructed in activities in and out of the pool - and from a recovery stand point for athletes competing in a high-impact environment such as football, non-impact training has enourmous benefits as many professional athletes know.


Aquarecovery is a platform built on the mindset and proper know-how on achieving those benefits.


I have, through my company Leisure Jones AB, for the past 25 years worked as a consultant. I am mainly hired for assignments relating to the establishment and operation of various facilities for fitness, bodybuilding, swimming and exercise sports.

My clients are mainly construction companies, municipal and public administrations as well as companies that run facilities under private auspices. Several consulting assignments have also been international, including for facilities in England, Finland and Norway. The consulting assignment includes recruitment and training of staff, budget responsibility, PR and marketing as well as business development for the facility. I also help other, already established facilities around the country, with operational and operational issues to get better efficiency and economy. I have also taught instructors for the Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian swimming federations and set up advanced training programs for local swimming federations, associations and clubs, I also worked with water recovery exercise for AIK Football Club.

My experience has come in handy when I was hired by Finnish / Swedish architects in the design of new swimming facilities. We have also recently worked together for The Rank Organisation in England, this organisation is building an Oasis Village Cumbria facility. This is one of Europe's largest wellness projects. Our responsibility was to create The Health & Country Club with the included Sauna World, relaxation area, Aerobics hall, gym solarium, massage department and Sport shop etc.

Previously, I also contributed to the creation of Rimbo Leisure Center and Sollefteå Aquarena after the building was completed. I worked there as operations manager, employed all staff and trained the instructor staff for the facility.

In my company, I have developed a business idea - Aquarena Experience Pool. The business concept is to offer existing swimming poolfacilities in Sweden the opportunity to expand their pools with an exciting experience part, at a reasonable cost. In this way, the attraction value and thus the income increases. Today there are 13 completed Aquarena facilities.

In summary, I have many years of in-depth experience of project work, planning and management for this type of facility. I am used to working with architects, construction companies and authorities and see it as extremely important to create the best relationships within and between the various stakeholders involved in major projects of this kind. I look forward to your positive reaction to my presentation and look with confidence at the opportunities to collaborate with you in the future.

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